Settings: Scheduling

Auto start time correction

In this dialog you can customize an automatic start of time synchronization. Auto start time correction combo box contains several different intervals through which time synchronization must be started.


The Dial-up options may be customized in the Dial-up group. In the combo box titled If computer is not connected at this time you can choose an action for Advanced Time Synchronizer if there is no Dial-up connection established.

Do not connect option causes Advanced Time Synchronizer to prevent auto dialup connection, which Windows starts when some program trying to connect Internet.

Connect by Dial-up option causes Advanced Time Synchronizer to establish a dialup connection either with settings from the Dial-up tab, or if there is no auto dialup option enabled by standard Windows means.

Wait Dial-up connected option causes Advanced Time Synchronizer to wait for a dial-up connection to be established and only after that it will start automatic time synchronization.

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