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General Questions

1. What is Advanced Time Synchronizer?

Advanced Time Synchronizer is a powerful and easy-to-use utility to synchronize your PC clock with a public time servers over the Internet.

2. Where can I get it?

You can download it from our web site:

3. How do I register?

Please read more information about Advanced Time Synchronizer registration at

Technical Questions

4. Does Advanced Time Synchronizer support Windows x64 Editions?

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 x64 Edition For IntelĀ® EM64T and AMD64 Platform Architecture are fully supported by Advanced Time Synchronizer.

5. How do I protect Advanced Time Synchronizer settings from reinstalls, upgrades or operating system crashes?

Advanced Time Synchronizer keeps all its settings and logs in the advtimesync.ini and advtimesync.log files, which are located in your "Application Data" directory. In order to save Advanced Time Synchronizer settings you can copy these files somewhere else and when you'll need to restore Advanced Time Synchronizer settings you must copy advtimesync.ini and advtimesync.log files back to your "Application Data" directory.

6. Can I set different location for Advanced Time Synchronizer settings?

Since version 2.4 Advanced Time Synchronizer uses registry key to allow override its settings files location. Specify directory where settings files are located in the string value "SettingsDir" in the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Southsoftware\advtimesync" of the system registry and restart program. Advanced Time Synchronizer will keep two files in the specified directory: advtimesync.ini and advtimesync.log.

7. Which settings files are used when Advanced Time Synchronizer is started as service?

Since version 2.4 Advanced Time Synchronizer uses registry key to locate its settings files when it is started as service. You can change this location in the Service tab of Settings dialog or by specifying directory path directly in the string value "ServiceDataFolder" in the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Southsoftware\advtimesync" of the system registry.

8. Why Advanced Time Synchronizer doesn't work at my company?

Most likely, you are running behind a proxy server. Currently Advanced Time Synchronizer supports HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5 proxy servers. If your company network works on one of these proxy servers you must open Proxy tab on Settings dialog and specify proxy server address and port number.

9. Does Advanced Time Synchronizer support proxy servers that require a username and password?

Advanced Time Synchronizer supports user authentication for HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy servers. If your proxy server requires authentication you must check Use authentication for the server check box on the Proxy tab in Settings dialog box and specify your username and password.

10. Why Advanced Time Synchronizer doesn't display help correctly?

If you do not have Internet Explorer 5 or higher, you need to install Html Help. You can download it here:

11. Why Advanced Time Synchronizer window reports a time hours different than the local PC time, but yet the difference is only a few seconds?

This may be because your daylight time settings in time zone information are incorrect. You can download Tzedit, a Windows program from Microsoft that allows you to edit the time zone settings.

12. Can Advanced Time Synchronizer automatically start my Dial-Up Networking connection?

Yes. Advanced Time Synchronizer can auto-dial network connection before time synchronization and, if turned, hang up it after time synchronization made. To set auto-dial network connection options, open Dial-up section in Settings dialog and set corresponding settings.

13. Why when I click on the Close on the upper right corner, the application doesn't close?

Advanced Time Synchronizer has an option that moves Advanced Time Synchronizer main window to the system tray icon instead of close it. This option is in the Run section of the Settings dialog. NOTE: If you've enabled Advanced Time Synchronizer to synchronize time automatically by some intervals, then Advanced Time Synchronizer must be started or its service must be run for be able to start time synchronization when scheduled time is reached. If Advanced Time Synchronizer is not being started, automatic time synchronizations will not work.

14. Why program does not start in Windows 95?

Starting from version 4.0 Advanced Time Synchronizer does not support Windows 95, however, older version may be installed on Windows 95 with Windows Sockets 1.1 or later. You can download W95 Winsock Upgrade here:

15. Why SNTP local server does not start in Windows 2000 and XP?

Windows 2000 and XP contain a new built-in system called Windows Time Service. This service starts its local SNTP time server.

You can stop this service by typing:
net stop w32time

To restart the time service type:
net start w32time

To turn off the time service:
Go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services.
Find "Windows Time" in the list of services.
Stop the service and then set the "Startup type" to either Manual or Disabled.

16. Where can I find Advanced Time Synchronizer documentation?

We provide downloadable documentation for our products in PDF format. You can download Advanced Time Synchronizer documentation in PDF by this link:

17. Does Time protocol expire?

Time Protocol (rfc868) uses 32-bit binary timestamp, which represents time in seconds from 0h 0m 0s UTC on January 1, 1900. After 6h 28m 16s UTC on February 7, 2036 most significant bit of this timestamp will overflow 32 bit DWORD value and will lost. The time stamp will become zero. Should Time Protocol be in use in 2036, some external means will be necessary to qualify time relative to 1900 and time relative to 2036 (and other multiples of 136 years). Most likely future versions of Advanced Time Synchronizer will still support Time Protocol after 7 February 2036.

18. Advanced Time Synchronizer fails to synchronize time with "Not enough privileges for change the system time." message and/or Advanced Time Synchronizer service does not start with "Access is denied." message?

Administrator privileges are required to change system time and install service. However, an administrator can allow time synchronizations from non-administrator accounts by installing Advanced Time Synchronizer Service. Read more in the Changing system time topic.

19. Why program does not start with message "Your system has old version of Common Controls Library (ComCtl32.dll)."?

ComCtl 5.80 or later must be installed on your computer. You can download Platform SDK Comctl32 Redistributables (499 KB) here:

20. I need a custom feature that I can't find in Advanced Time Synchronizer. Can you develop a special version for our environment?

We are always open for feature request. Please contact our Support Service for further discussion.

Purchase Questions

21. Is it safe to order online?

By clicking a purchase link on our web site, you order from our authorized sales agent. They provide you with an order process that is protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can only be read by the recipient. Important information such as credit card numbers, addresses, etc. is sent to the recipient securely via the Internet.

22. Can I buy Advanced Time Synchronizer with PayPal?

Yes, now we accept PayPal. Please follow this link to buy Advanced Time Synchronizer with PayPal:

23. How to purchase your product and how long will I receive the activation code after I complete the purchase?

Normally, you will receive the activation code by e-mail immediately after your successful purchase. If you don't receive your registration information in a timely manner, or if you've lost it, please contact our Support Service. If you are purchasing Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial, you will also receive a separate message with your login information for our registered user area. The registered user area allows registered users of products to download latest versions of our software, view order information and activation status.

24. The registration key you sent me doesn't work, why?

If most cases this happens simply because the activation code has not been typed into the registration dialog exactly as shown in the registration Email. It is important to remember that character case, punctuation, and spaces are significant. We suggest that you copy and paste the activation code directly from your registration Email to the registration dialog.

25. How many times can I activate Advanced Time Synchronizer license?

You can activate Advanced Time Synchronizer as many times as you want on the same computer (with the same hardware fingerprint). The number of different computers where you can activate Advanced Time Synchronizer is limited by the number of copies purchased.

26. How to reactivate Advanced Time Synchronizer, if computer hardware configuration changes?

If you upgrade some significant parts on your computer, reactivation might be required. In that case please contact our Support Service. You will be able to reactivate your software automatically in 6 months after last activation.

27. Will my license expire?

Your Advanced Time Synchronizer license will never expire. Free life time upgrades are available for Advanced Time Synchronizer users. Updates and support for Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial users will expire upon the expiration of their Updates and Support subscription.

28. What happens when my Updates and Support subscription expires?

Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial only: When your Updates and Support subscription expires, your installed software will continue to work, you will be able to activate it in case of reinstallation, with your login information for our registered user area, you will be able to download the latest version that is available for your subscription (the version that was release before your Updates and Support subscription expired). However, you will not be able to upgrade to the newer version and you will receive only limited support.

29. How to renew Updates and Support subscription?

Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial only: To renew your Updates and Support subscription, please login into our registered user area and click on one of the renew links. We provide a 50% renewal discount for registered users. If you are renewing a subscription that is not expired, new subscription will extended your existing subscription for the selected period, if your existing subscription is expired, your new subscription will start from the day of renewal. If you can't use our registered user area, please contact our Support Service.

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