Advanced Time Synchronizer

Advanced Time Synchronizer Advanced Time Synchronizer

Do you want your computer clock to be always accurate?

Do you want to synchronize your clock with millisecond accuracy?

Do you need to synchronize time between computers in your local area network?

Advanced Time Synchronizer is what you need to keep your clock synchronized with atomic time servers over the Internet.

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Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial
This is our full featured Advanced Time Synchronizer with added functions to support industrial equipments. Some of our customers complained about lack of features in NTP capable devices and the need to program each device for proper time synchronization. So, we reprogrammed our standard ATS and added the industrial option. This new server can be used in normal mode or, industrial mode providing correct time for devices with less configuration settings (we tried E-Card and RFID readers, robots, PLC and drives, even lower end HMIs). ANY NTP capable device will synchronize correctly with our server (local time + DST + millisecond accuracy). Nothing to do on your side! Read more
Download For Windows 32 and 64-bit
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Advanced Time Synchronizer is a powerful and easy-to-use PC clock synchronizer working with time servers via the Internet, supporting three time synchronization protocols, proxy servers and having a lot of other useful features. Advanced Time Synchronizer connects to all the servers in the list one by one until either the time is successfully synchronized or the list is over. Advanced Time Synchronizer can update the system time at certain intervals from one hour to one month. It samples each time server multiple times and uses timestamp from the fastest sample to synchronize clock. This feature may be useful, because the network delays are often greater on the first sample and less on next samples. So this allows increasing accuracy of time synchronization by choosing a timestamp that is received with less network delays.

If you connect to the Internet using a dial-up connection, you can configure Advanced Time Synchronizer to update the time only if a dial-up connection is established. If there is no connection, Advanced Time Synchronizer can wait till it is established and update the time after the connection is established. Advanced Time Synchronizer can synchronize the PC clock with Internet time servers and function as a time server for your local area network using three time synchronization protocols for that: Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP), Time Protocol and Daytime Protocol.

If you use a proxy server, you can configure Advanced Time Synchronizer to work through a HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A or SOCKS5 proxy server.

Advanced Time Synchronizer can be launched from the command line or from batch files, it can be launched as a Windows Service and start working even before the user logs onto the system.

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