My name is Valerian Ursu and I work as Controls Engineer for Ford Motor Company in Detroit area. In summer – fall of 2011 I discovered the “Advanced Time Synchronizer WITH INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT” and I pushed to have it tested on our plant floor. This great idea and friendly implementation from SouthSoftware proved to be so efficient that it became the EXCLUSIVE CHOICE for time synchronization of plant floor equipment in ALL NEW FORD PROJECTS! More than this, in our plant we started to update some older equipment to use this time server (yes it’s possible even if the equipment doesn’t support NTP). If you have non-PC plant floor equipment that needs to have time synchronization (time zone + daylight saving), this is by far your best choice!

Valerian Ursu

I really like this sync program and I have tried many others both free and paid, you have the best application out there in my opinion and the support is top notch. I tell all my friends who need this type of service especially the ones that I have set up security cameras for.

James V

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