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Timeout value, through which time server request will be canceled if there is no answer from the server.


Advanced Time Synchronizer samples each time server multiple times and uses timestamp from the fastest sample to synchronize clock. This feature may be useful, because the network delays are often greater on the first sample and less on next samples. So this allows increasing accuracy of time synchronization by choosing a timestamp that is received with less network delays.

Log file

Option Write time server connection log allows Advanced Time Synchronizer to save all operations performed with time servers to the log file. You can view or clear this log by View log and Clear log buttons.

Check time adjustment

If a difference between computer's clock and time server is more that specified in this group, Advanced Time Synchronizer will consider that received time is probably incorrect. On the same settings dialog, you can set behavior of Advanced Time Synchronizer in this situation. You can set it to automatically accept this timestamp, not accept this timestamp or alert Check Time Adjustment window like this:

Check Time Adjustment
Click the picture to enlarge.

Check Time Adjustment window displays extended information and allows you to decide accept this timestamp or not. Additionally this window has an options for adjust only minutes and seconds. This option is useful if your time zone or daylight settings are incorrect. For more information about time zone settings please see Setting the current time zone topic.

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