Main window

The main Advanced Time Synchronizer window contains three control groups:

  • Time server
  • Local time
  • Control buttons

In the Time server group you can specify the time server name and choose the time server protocol.

For begin connecting to the time server, choose the time server and click the Check button. While Advanced Time Synchronizer is establishing a connection to the server, you can see the status of this connection in the Connection box. After the connection is established and the timestamp from the server is received, the Connection box will contain the time on the server and the Difference box will contain the difference between the server time and the time on your PC. Now click Adjust button to synchronize the time on your PC clock with the time on the Internet time server.

Local time and Time zone boxes contain your local computer time and time zone information.

Advanced Time Synchronizer main window will not be closed by button on its caption or by ALT-F4 keystroke. It just minimizes to the system tray icon. To close Advanced Time Synchronizer, select Exit Advanced Time Synchronizer command from window menu, which appears by mouse click on the icon in the left side of window caption, or by ALT-SPACE keystroke.

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