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Advanced Time Synchronizer includes the command line tool, which can be invoked from the command line. The arguments from command line are used instead of standard Advanced Time Synchronizer settings.

command line: [-r] [-e] [-h] [-v] [-n] [-y] [time_server:[protocol]] [net_protocol] [daytime_format] [samples] [timeout] [proxy_server:port type [user:pwd]] [autodial entry [user:pwd] [hangup]]

-r - display ordering information
-e - enter registration key
-h - display this help screen
-v - verbosely
-n - do not change system time (just receive and display difference)
-y - answer YES to all questions
time_server - time server DNS name or IP address
protocol - time server protocol (SNTP | TIME | DAYTIME) (TIME - default)
net_protocol - network protocol (TCP | UDP) (only for TIME and DAYTIME protocol)
daytime_format - syntax of DAYTIME server timestamp (only for DAYTIME protocol)
samples - number of time server samples
timeout - time out in seconds
proxy_server:port - proxy server DNS name or IP address and port number
type - type of proxy server (HTTP | SOCKS4 | SOCKS4A | SOCKS5)
user:pwd - user name and password, if proxy requires authentication
autodial - automatically establish dial-up connection
entry - phone book entry
user:pwd - user name and password for specified phone book entry
hangup - disconnect automatically established connection


"contimesync" - synchronize local PC clock with by TIME protocol

"contimesync 5 20" - synchronize local PC clock with by SNTP protocol, sample server 5 times and use 20 seconds timeout

"contimesync.exe TCP %j_%y-%m-%d_%h:%n:%s_%x_%x_%e_%v_%z(NIST)_* 1 20" - synchronize local PC clock with by DAYTIME protocol, sample server 1 time, use 20 seconds timeout and NIST format of server timestamp

"contimesync.exe TCP 2 20 HTTP" - synchronize local PC clock with by TIME protocol, use HTTP proxy server

"contimesync.exe TCP 2 20 autodial ISP user:password hangup" - synchronize local PC clock with by TIME protocol, automatically establish dial-up connection using "ISP" phone book entry

Exit codes:

0 Success
1 Fatal error
2 User cancel
3 Request is timed out
4 DNS entry not found
5 Net down
6 Data read error
7 Data send error
8 Connecting error
9 Server data format is unsupported
10 Server is not healthy
11 Selected proxy type is not supported
12 Proxy server requires authentication
13 Proxy server authentication failed
14 Proxy server error
15 Proxy does not support this time protocol
16 Proxy uses unknown type of authentication
17 Auto Dial-up error

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