Appendix B: The list of public time servers

This appendix contains the list of public primary (stratum 1) time servers and the list of public primary (stratum 2) time servers.

As the load on the hosts supporting NTP primary (stratum 1) time service is heavy and always increasing, clients should avoid using the primary servers whenever possible. In most cases the accuracy of the NTP secondary (stratum 2) servers is only slightly degraded relative to the primary servers and, as a group, the secondary servers may be just as reliable.

The list of primary (stratum 1) and secondary (stratum 2) designates the NTP time servers available for public access under stated restrictions. Each entry gives the country code, state (US only), host name, Internet address, approximate location and geographic coordinates (if available), synchronization source (stratum, type of radio or satellite receiver and host type), suggested service area, access policy (as notified) and responsible person name and e-mail address. Most servers indicate the NTP version as well. It is always wise to consult the DNS to verify host addresses, which are changed from time to time. When more than one address is given, preference should given to each in order.

Please respect the access policy as stated by the responsible person. It is very important that potential clients avoid use of servers not listed as open access, unless approved first by the responsible person. This especially includes indiscriminate use of servers not listed in the list, since this can be disruptive. The responsible person should always be notified upon establishment of regular operations with servers listed as open access. Servers listed as closed access should NOT be used without prior permission, since this may disrupt ongoing activities in which these servers are involved.

All primary and secondary servers listed have no access restrictions, so that service is available for any client with a valid IP address. Where noted, some servers enforce a limit on the number of clients from any one network other than the server network itself. Where noted, some servers provide a cryptographic authentication service. Contact the responsible person for further details.

The List of Public Primary (stratum 1) Time Servers
The List of Public Primary (stratum 2) Time Servers

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