How to synchronize your PC clock with a time server manually

To synchronize your PC clock with an Internet time server in manual mode, choose a time server and click the Check button. While Advanced Time Synchronizer is establishing a connection to the server, you can see the status of this connection in the Connection box. After the connection is established and the timestamp from the server is received, the Connection box will contain the time on the server and the Difference box will contain the difference between the server time and the time on your PC. Now you can press the Adjust button to synchronize the time on your PC clock with the time on the Internet time server.

Advanced Time Synchronizer samples each time server multiple times and uses timestamp from the fastest sample to synchronize clock. This feature may be useful, because the network delays are often greater on the first sample and less on next samples. You can set number of samples on the Operation tab in the Settings dialog. Set this value to 1, if you want Advanced Time Synchronizer to sample a time server only once.

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